Are you or your kids stressed out, anxious or easily angered?

Are your kids keeping you awake at night with anxiety, bad dreams or bed-wetting?

Do they fight with you or their siblings constantly?

Is their anxiety or aggression creating issues at school or childcare?

Is it causing tension between you and your partner because neither of you know how to fix it?

Are you exhausted, frustrated and totally over yelling?

The Calmer Kids Programs is specifically designed to support the whole family.

We will provide you with practical skills to communicate clearly and teach you how to use the Sleep Talk for Children process, to create calmer, more confident kids and a happier family life.

This program is suitable for every type of family including single parent, co-parents, grandparents and primary caregivers. 

As the parent or primary care giver, we understand that your main goal is to have your children grow into strong, emotionally healthy adults. At the same time, you need to be supported to deal with the very real frustrations, stresses and challenges that come with parenting.

By supporting all members of the family, everyone gets the benefits.

The Calmer Kids Program uses clinical hypnotherapy, counselling and Sleep Talk for Children to effectively help parents and children feel calmer, happier and more connected, with their children and with each other. 

It is suitable for all children including those with physical or emotional disabilities or challenges.

Watch Nicola Lane and I chat with Steve Meyers on his Soul2Soul program all about the Calmer Kids Program and why we so believe it is needed.

The Calmer Kids Program

90 Days with 12 month program support. 

The Program includes:

  • A 90 day program tailored specifically for your families unique needs. This includes 12 months program support if/when required for the needs of each family and preliminary forms and information emailed to parents/primary carers prior to the initial session.
  • 1 x Parent Session – Up to 90 minutes. We discuss the family issue (child’s presenting issue) and gather a full understanding of family relationships and how each parent/caregiver is feeling affected.  We will give you simple, but powerful communication strategies that will help you negotiate and avoid conflict not just with each other, but in all other relationships in your life. You will leave with new skills and a plan on how to make the program work most effectively for you.
  • 3 x one hour Sessions. The first session will be used to pinpoint exactly where your child stands now on number of different areas of development. This will give us a benchmark for the starting point of the program and a clear understanding of exactly where progress has been made. You will learn how to use the Sleep Talk for Children technique, which is easy and takes approximately 5 minutes per night. You will leave the session feeling confident that you have the skills to use the technique, knowing that we will be on hand to answer any questions and offer support and advice. The second session will be continuing to support you as a family, evaluate the program and create specific changes best suited to your child. The final session will be a side by side report of the specific areas of behaviour and development which will show you exactly what has changed for the better.
  • 3 x 10-15 minute phone / Skype call follow up in between each attended session. We will give each parent/caregiver a quick call between sessions to see how you are going and offer support as needed.
  • 1 x hypnotherapy session / counselling session available within 12 months commencement of program for each parent/caregiver for any issue you are facing.
  • Bonus access to download MP3 and e-book online resources for Stress/Anxiety Management, Boundaries and communication issues, better sleep and health.
  • Weekly phone or email support options if needed.
  • A full ‘Sleep Talk for Children’ program report for each child at the completion of 90 Days showing each area of progress and change, before and after so that you can see and keep the results.

About Kerry Jeffery.

Kerry Jeffery is a qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist and counsellor with years of experience helping couples, individuals and families with a wide range of issues including conflict resolution, anxiety, trauma and depression. Kerry hold a current ‘working with children’ check and is an accredited Goulding SleepTalk Consultant, qualified to teach parents to use the Sleep Talk for Children process. 

 Frequently Asked Questions.

How do I know that the program is right for my family?

By talking it through with me. By having a quick chat either by phone or by booking a free 20 minute Discovery Session with me, I can give you all the information you need to enable you to decide if the program will help you. If the Calmer Kids Program isn't the best fit for you, we can discuss other ways to help support you and your family.

What support do you give us as the parent/caregiver?

Parenting is challenging. How often do you get the opportunity to talk openly and honestly about how you feel, without worrying about being judged? Anxiety, miscommunication or conflict about parenting can cause issues in your relationship. Your one on one session can be used to talk about and get support for any issues you are facing. If you need more one on one help that the program offers, that can easily be arranged.

You will also be given simple and effective communication skills that are easy to learn. Knowing how to communicate clearly, negotiate and identify issues will help you in every relationship in your life and reduce anxiety and fear of conflict and rejection.

Is Sleep Talk for Children safe and easy to learn?

SleepTalk™is very easy to learn and it can't be "done wrong". It only takes a few minutes each night and it is a simple, non-intrusive process that will develop your child's emotional resilience. In fact, the process is so simple that you will be ready to use SleepTalk™ on your child as soon as you learn the process. It is completely safe for your children.

Why is Sleep Talk for Children so effective?

Because SleepTalk is a completely non-invasive, gentle and positive method that benefits all children. SleepTalk™ speaks to your child's subconscious mind with positive messages that create feelings in your child of security, safety and being unconditionally loved. If you are the carer of a child or children between the ages of approximately 1 to 12 years old, then SleepTalk™ can and will work for you. There are many types of families and SleepTalk™ works with them all. You can use Sleep Talk with all of your children.

How does Sleep Talk for Children feel for my child?

Your child will not be aware that you are using SleepTalk™ and you do not tell them what you will be doing. It is a calm, loving and affirming experience for them. Many parents often notice their children begin to smile and become more relaxed and settled during the process. After an initial period between 10 to 21 days, you will notice that your child begins to wake up feeling happier and more positive. Generally, parents notice that their children are calmer, more loving and affectionate, happier and have a more positive attitude to life. 

Are payment plans available?

Yes, you have several options about how to pay and payments can be made by credit card or EFT. A 10% discount is available for paying upfront for the program.

How do I contact you?

You can call me on: 0403 274 297 or book a free 20 minute Discovery Session with me on Skype.