If you are not counselling with confidence, then you are not getting the best result for your client or yourself.

Does that sound too hard to believe?

Having your own personal counselling style, feeling confident in your skills can take your therapy to new heights.

How do I know this?

Because I have spent the last 5 years getting fabulous results working with clients with some of the worst backgrounds you can imagine. 

Incest. Sexual abuse. Childhood neglect. Emotional abuse. PTSD and major trauma.

In many cases these clients have been to psychiatrists, psychologists, tried every kind of therapy until they found me and finally got the results they wanted. 

Some in weeks, some in months and some even in years.

I know you are so familiar with this type of story because so often, we as hypnotherapists are the last resort and so often hear those words "you are my last hope".

In the early days, I was so often worried that I didn't have what it takes to help these profoundly abused and traumatised people out of the black hole of depression, anxiety and shame they were living in. 

What got me through it all was the solid foundation of my counselling skills, my ability to create rapport, use empathy and compassion while having strong, unshakable boundaries to keep my own emotions safe.

I know from my own days of hypnotherapy training that almost every student felt confident in their hypnosis skills but when it came to counselling, they felt uncertain, anxious and completely lacking in confidence. 

That's because counselling is not taught specifically for hypnotherapists!

Generic counselling skills are not enough with the wide variety of clients that we as hypnotherapists have.

You need to have confidence that your counselling skills are not only going to get you through, but are going to greatly benefit your client in ways that hypnosis alone cannot. 

When you have your own counselling style that suits your personality and how you work, then your therapy and the results you get for your clients will go to a whole new level of success!

Here are just some of the skills you will be learning in the Counselling with Confidence workshop:

  • Listening skills 101 and how you block yourself from listening.
  • How to create trust and rapport with your client and gain their confidence.
  • The key questions you need to ask them and what to never say.
  • How to challenge your client without breaking rapport.
  • How to deal with a client stuck in negativity and depression.
  • Identify your own personal counselling style and how to use it. 
  • The one Gestalt technique you really need to be using.
  • How to interrupt your client without breaking rapport and control the session.
  • How to create and keep strong boundaries to prevent burnout and overwhelm. 
  • How to deal with resistance, transference and counter-transference. 
  • How to feel calm and comfortable when dealing with your clients strong emotions.
  • The key questions to shift your client out of "nothing every works out for me" and other negative global statements.
  • How to use the reflection technique naturally and conversationally.

How would you feel if:

  • ›You felt confident counselling your clients.
  • ›You had a range of effective counselling techniques and interventions to call on.
  • ›You were counselling in a style that best suits your personality and therapy. 
  • ›You had techniques to protect yourself and stop you from feeling overwhelmed by your clients emotions or distress.
  • ›You walked away from each session feeling wonderful.
  • Your therapy skills were at a whole new level of effectiveness and power.

Here is your opportunity to learn all of this from of one of the best counsellers in the hypnotherapy business.

You will not only be upgrading your counselling skills! The simple and powerful skills and techniques you will learn in this workshop will improve every relationship in your life. 

This workshop is experiential, practical and will give you the opportunity to test your new skills as the therapist, client and observer. The best ways to learn are by observing and doing, so that you can adapt what you learn to suit your own style. 

A comprehensive workbook/manual will be provided and tea, coffee and morning tea are included on both days. 

You don't need to spend years studying a degree at University or thousands of dollars to learn effective counselling skills!

Why wait another minute longer to start feeling confident in your counselling and taking your therapy to the next level?

I have chosen to keep the cost of this workshop down for the very first one and it will not be this price again.

Register now for an amazing two day workshop experience for only $457.00

Saturday 25th & Sunday 26th March, 9.30 am to 4.30pm at The Australian Academy of Hypnosis, Suite i84; 21 Hall Street Port Melbourne, Victoria.

 Sign up now and reserve your seat.

This workshop is strictly limited to 20 participants only.

Registration closes on Wednesday 22nd March. Don't miss out!