Watch the video all about anxiety: The issues, the impacts and the Erase Anxiety Program.

Anxiety is always with you. An intangible thing that makes your heart race, your stomach churn and stops your ability to think.

You are on red alert all the time, wondering when it will hit next, thinking "why is this happening to me, how do I make it stop?"

You know you are not thinking rationally but you just can't help it.

Living each day, pretending to be normal while your world shrinks smaller and smaller and you feel so alone.

If you have anxiety you live with:

  • Feeling anxious about becoming anxious.
  • Trying to avoid the triggers by limiting what you do or where you go.
  • Constant worry or obsessive thoughts.
  • Difficulty concentrating or sleeping.
  • Feeling "butterflies" in your stomach or nausea.
  • Unable to set or keep strong boundaries.
  • Hot or cold flushes, racing heart, tight chest.
  • Scared of losing control or that you are going crazy.
  • Panic attacks that can feel like you are going to die.
  • Feeling constantly teary or overreacting.

It doesn't have to be that way.

For the past 3 years I have helped hundreds of clients break free from anxiety and get their lives back in control.

Are you ready to do the same?

7 Sessions to Erase Anxiety. What the program includes:

  • ›Session 1: 90 minutes of information gathering. We will discover and identify what is keeping you stuck and start the process of feeling more relaxed and calm.
  • ›Session 2 & 3: These sessions are dedicated to systematically release your trauma's and/or triggers, releasing the underlying issues creating the anxiety from the subconscious mind using targeted hypnotherapy.
  • ›Session 4 & 5: Learning and practicing the art of setting and keeping strong boundaries with simple but powerful skills so that you feel more comfortable, confident and safe and managing your mind and thoughts.
  • ›Session 6 & 7: Making the changes. Support and guidance to step back out into the world feeling safe, confident and in control.
  • Weekly email support: For the length of the program I am only an email away between our sessions. You will be supported every step of the way to get your life and happiness back in your control.
  • Sanctuary Hypnotherapy MP3: A powerful guided hypnotherapy recording that you can listen to daily to help lock in the changes and create a feeling of safety, deep relaxation and calm.
  • › ›Targeted handouts and worksheets: Tools to help you document your progress and give you new insights and skills.

Imagine if:

  • ›You felt calm, confident and in control.
  • ›The panic attacks and triggers were gone from your life.
  • ›You felt free to go where you want without fear.
  • ›You slept deeply and easily and woke up feeling refreshed.
  • ›Anxiety was no longer part of your life.
  • ›Who would you be? ›How would your life be different?

Erasing Anxiety is a targeted therapeutic program that gives you a solution, not a band-aid!

The program is delivered in person at my office in Dandenong, Victoria, Australia or using Skype anywhere in the world with a reliable internet connection.

To find out if the the Erasing Anxiety Program is right for you, book your free 20 minute Discovery Session today using the form below or call me on: 0403 274 297