Do you or your partner have toxic parents?

Then you know what a struggle is it right?

You know how it impacts on your relationships and your partner and your children.

You understand how difficult it is to deal with the constant guilt and manipulation.

The anxiety that grips you every time you see their number on the phone.

The constant criticism and manipulation in your life and your relationships.

And they always need to come first, don't they?

No matter how tired you are.

No matter how busy your are.

No matter how sick or how broke you are, when they want something, they expect you to drop everything and make it your priority.

Because somehow along the way, they have managed to convince you that you are responsible for how they feel and what they do.

It's draining you, emotionally, physically and financially and you feel guilty, depressed, resentful, frustrated and trapped.

If you have toxic parents your issues can include:

  • Fear of confrontation and rejection.
  • Lacking confidence and feeling worthless or not good enough.
  • Constantly seeking approval with your parents or others.
  • Longing for a "fantasy family" with parents who unconditionally love and accept you.
  • Feeling responsible for other peoples feelings and reactions.
  • Unable to set or keep strong boundaries.
  • Walking on eggshells, not wanting to set them off.
  • Frustration, anger, rage and resentment.
  • Feeling unloved and unappreciated.

It doesn't have to be that way.

For the past 3 years I have helped hundreds of clients break free from the guilt and manipulation of toxic parent relationships and changed their lives.

Not only did it change their relationship with their family, it eliminated the constant anxiety, dissolved the guilt and gave them the skills to set and keep strong boundaries in every area of their lives. 

It gave them emotional freedom and put them back in control of their lives and happiness.

Ready to do the same?

7 Sessions to Success. What the program includes:

  • ›Session 1: 90 minutes of information gathering. We will discover and identify what is keeping you stuck.
  • ›Session 2 & 3: These sessions are dedicated to systematically release your trauma's and/or triggers, releasing the underlying issues from the subconscious mind using targeted hypnotherapy.
  • ›Session 4 & 5: Learning and practicing the art of communicating and setting and keeping strong boundaries with simple but powerful skills which will change your relationships for the better.
  • ›Session 6 & 7: Making the changes. Here is all comes together as you are supported and guided in creating your goals for your family relationships and making them happen.
  • Weekly email support: For the length of the program I am only an email away between our sessions. You will be supported every step of the way to get your life and happiness back in your control.
  • Creating Confidence Hypnotherapy MP3: A powerful guided hypnotherapy recording that you can listen to daily to help lock in the changes you are making using the power of hypnosis.
  • › ›Targeted handouts and worksheets: Tools to help you document your progress and give you new insights and skills.

Imagine if:

  • ›You felt calm and comfortable with your parents.
  • ›Their manipulation was a thing of the past.
  • ›You could see them and not get drawn into the drama.
  • ›You felt safe to be who you are.
  • ›Your family no longer controlled your life.
  • ›Who would you be? ›How would your life be different?

The How To Deal With Your Toxic Parents Program is a targeted therapeutic program that gives you a solution, not a band-aid!

The program is delivered in person at my office in Dandenong, Victoria, Australia or using Skype anywhere in the world with a reliable internet connection.

To find out if the How to Deal with Your Toxic Parents Program is right for you, book your free 20 minute Discovery Session today using the form below or call me on: 0403 274 297