Are you tired of trying to make it through each day battling your anxiety?

Sick of your life being ruled by the guilt and manipulation of your toxic parent?

Wondering when things will finally start working out for you and fearing that they never will?

Are everyone elses needs and feelings so much more important than yours?

Can you spend money on everyone else except you?

Are you sick of being last on your list?

Nothing in your life is going to change until you do and change is possible!

It's time to start making your life and your happiness your priority!


Why programs are absolutely essential!

Have you ever noticed how you stop doing things once you start feeling better? 

This is why prescriptions for things like antibiotics have to have a label saying "take 1 tablet daily until gone" because the minute you start feeling better, you stop taking them.

Then, what so often happens is that the problem returns and you are back exactly where you started or even worse off.

It's exactly the same with therapy. 

You go for one or two sessions, start making changes, start feeling better and wrongly decide that you don't need it any more and it stops being a priority.

Then, when you start slipping back into old ways and behaviours, you start thinking that it "just didn't work for me" and feel worse than when you started.

You give up hope that you can really find a solution and believe that this is the way things are going to be for the rest of your life.

You got a "bandaid effect" which feels great temporarily but can't possibly give you the lasting, permanent change that you so need and deserve. 

That is not the result I want for you!

Anxiety, depression, trauma and self-doubt are like parasites, feeding off your life and sucking any joy and happiness. They stop you from having the life your want. It's time for that to change.

You are important, your life is important and I believe that you deserve the opportunity to have the life, happiness and confidence that you have always wanted and have never been able to achieve.

You need to be realistic. The issues you have right now did not happen overnight and they need time, patience and consistency to fully overcome.

The only way to get the best possible result is with your own, personalised program.

What your program will give you:

  • Personalised therapy tailored to your unique issues and challenges to give you the results you want.
  • Permanent removal of trauma and subconscious blocks so that they no longer trigger or control you.
  • Ongoing, 100% committed support, encouragement and motivation from me to keep you on track and moving forward.
  • Targeted sessions to reprogram your negative habits, beliefs and behaviours into positive, self-supportive ones.
  • Simple and powerful communication skills to give you strong, healthy boundaries and better relationships.
  • A personalised plan to build a strong, emotional foundation of self-respect, self-support and self-love.
  • Support, strategies and practical tools to transform your toxic, stressful relationships into healthier, happier ones.
  • The therapies, skills and expert support and solutions to create lasting, permanent change in your life and put you back in control.
  • A brand new level of happiness, confidence and peace that you never dreamed you could possibly achieve.

You deserve more than a bandaid. You deserve to have the best life, happiness and relationships available to you right now.

I want to help you get exactly that and so much more.

Book your free Discovery Session and take that vital first step to changing your life in every way for the better.

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"It was wonderful having the ongoing support in my program with Kerry. Just knowing I had those sessions in place gave me a sense of security and confidence that was exactly what I needed to change my life."


Professional Code of Conduct.

I hold myself and my work to a strict code of professional conduct and I am committed to ongoing professional development.  As my client you have the right to expect:

  • That you will be treated with respect.
  • That you receive a clear explanation of the service and support you will receive.
  • That you will be clear about the goals that we are working towards.
  • That you will receive competent and professional service.
  • That you will receive clear communication about fees and payments.
  • That you will be given an estimate of the number of sessions required to achieve your goals.
  • That you will receive a service free from sexual harassment.
  • That you will receive a non-judgmental professional service, free from discrimination and honouring your individuality.
  • That I am always 100% committed to supporting you and helping you achieve your goals. 




Choose the perfect program for you.

Issues like depression, PTSD, toxic parent relationships, trauma and anxiety can make you feel like you can never be happy again or live the satisfying, fulfilling life that you truly want. You can get your life back! You only need to read my testimonials to see that this is true. I have helped people change their lives who had given up hope of ever being happy again. Ready to make a start?

Essentials: 7 x 60 minute sessions. 

Experience has shown that 7 sessions is the minimum amount needed to create lasting change and get results which is why I have called this program, Essentials.

It will give you all of the essential therapeutic tools you need to get unstuck, remove trauma and anxiety and start changing your negative beliefs into self-confidence. 

This is the perfect program for anyone who is feeling stuck in a negativity, anxiety, low self-esteem, insecurity and self-doubt.

For many clients, this will be all the help you need to get the results you want. 

Supported: 12 x 60 minute sessions.

Do your issues go back to your childhood? Have you experienced trauma, abuse or toxic parent relationships?

If you need to explore and eliminate issues, behaviours and trauma at a deeper level, the Supported Program and will give you exactly what you need to recover and change your life.

This includes recovery from toxic parent relationships, physical, emotional or sexual abuse, significant trauma, anxiety or depression.

These issues need more time to eliminate the trauma, blocks and self-defeating habits and start practicing the new skills, learnings and insights that will give you a happier, more confident life. With the Supported Program, you will get exactly that. 

 Transformed: 18 x 60 minute sessions.

How would you feel if you knew you had a someone with you as you venture out into the world, setting new boundaries, trying new things, changing your life?

 When you really want that long term support to remove  your trauma, learn and implement your new skills and start setting and reaching your goals in all areas of your life you need the transformed program.

Starting out weekly, then fortnightly, then monthly, your sessions will be there to keep you on track, accountable for your goals and to deal with any new issues that enter your life. It will be there for you as you take on new jobs, relationships or phases of your life.

Once you have dissolved the issues of the past, you will have the support, accountability and coaching to truly transform your life on every single level. 

Want a true journey of self-discovery and complete transformation of your life on all levels, personally and professionally? 

Sign up for the Transformed Program.



Frequently asked questions.

What is hypnosis and hypnotherapy?

Hypnosis is quite simply an altered state of focussed attention using the power of your subconscious mind. You are tapping into your subconscious mind daily. In fact, you couldn't enjoy a book, movie or daydream without using it, because none of it would seem "real" or enjoyable on any level. 

Hypnotherapy is the combination of deep, relaxed hypnotic trance with therapeutic techniques to remove trauma and create change at the deep subconscious level. What the mind believes, the body and conscious accept and achieve. 

Is hypnosis mind control?

No. You are always in control. You cannot be made to confide secrets or anything else that you do not want to disclose or made to do anything against your will. It is safe, effective and produces powerful, positive results and no, I will not make you cluck like a chicken.

I am on antidepressants. Can I still work with you?

As long as you tolerate the antidepressants well -in other words, they don’t make you feel radically different to how you normally feel as a person that’s fine.

How do you remove trauma?

If you have trauma or phobias then you have probably been treated using approaches which drag you back through the experience by reliving it over and over again. This can leave you feeling re-traumatised by the experience and no better off.

This will not happen when you work with me,  in fact I do not even need to know the details of what happened to you. I have helped clients remove the trauma of sexual abuse, experiencing violence, accidents and phobic conditions. 

In every case, it was a relaxing, safe experience which greatly reduced the feeling of trauma and in many cases, eliminated it completely.