The results are in! Feedback on Love Transforms Rejuvenation MP3

"Hi Kerry, I finally used the Rejuvenation MP3 last 

night. I put it on in bed at 10.30 then fell asleep as 

soon as it finished. I loved it! amazingly I slept until 

7am uninterrupted! Since my neck/back sprain 

injury in November last year, I've been finding it 

easy to get to sleep but am wide awake between 

4-5am every morning, doesn't seem to matter if 

I've stayed up late to say 1or2 am, I still awake at 

that time.

The doctor gave me mild sleeping tablets but they 

did not help, I still woke up at 4-5am. For the first 

time in nearly 5 months, un-medicated, I slept until 

just before 7! That's nearly 8 hours! I also felt so 

refreshed today, I mowed the lawns, did some 

shopping but I was also in very high spirits! Well 

done, I'm going to do it again tonight. Thanks so 

much." Danielle


"Hi Kerry, just wanted to let you know that I have 

been listening to your MP3 every night and I can 

really feel a difference! I feel like my sleep is 

"deeper" and I have more energy during the day 

and I feel more relaxed. Thanks so much." Dianne


"Last night I listened to 'Rejuvenation' and had a 

wonderful experience. Her voice was so soothing, 

clear and reassuring as I entered a deep state of 

relaxation from my toes to my head. 

I look forward to listening to this track again and 

again. If the first time was so amazing, I'm curious 

where I might go with it after consecutively 

listening. Thank you Kerry. You did an amazing job 

putting this together as a tool for relaxation and 

opening up the subconscious. Thank you" Carla 


The Rejuvenation MP3 is designed to give you deep relaxation and reconnect you to your bodies powerful, innate ability to heal and rejuvenate itself.

You can begin to bring your body back into balance and harmony by using the power of your subconscious mind.

Pain is a warning sign from your body that is often made worse by tension and stress.

Using a blend of powerful hypnotherapy, calming imagery and the soothing sounds of nature, this MP3 will help you transform chronic pain into greater comfort, induce a deeper, more restful sleep and encourage your body to focus on its natural ability to heal, repair and re-balance. 

You can use the MP3 at night to help you experience deeper, more restful sleep or during the day to create a sense of deep relaxation and calm. 

Give yourself the gift of this relaxing, positive and calming hypnotherapy to help you feel rejuvenated in mind, body and spirit.

Yours to download now for only $9.99.