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Gemma Copp

Gemma: "I was living a life full of guilt, self-doubt and anxiety, stemming from my narcissistic Mother. I now feel ready to approach my Mother in a new way with strong boundaries in place. I feel confident to speak my truth, step into my power and stand up for myself."

Before I invested in my program with Kerry, I was living a life full of guilt, self-doubt and anxiety. I wasn’t comfortable being myself, I often attracted negative/toxic people into my life and I thought everyone was against me.

I also had reoccurring nightmares that disrupted my ability to sleep which all stemmed from a difficult relationship with my Mother throughout my childhood.

There were two main reasons that trigged me to seek help.  After several years with no contact with my Mother, I was finally ready to reach out to her, but I was in fear that it wouldn’t get me the results I desired. Based on previous experiences, I lacked confidence in whether contacting my Mum was worth it.

Secondly, I had no secure boundaries in place and I often let people walk all over me which added to my anxiety. I couldn’t say no to anyone nor did I know how to stand up for myself in a controlled, friendly way. I found myself in many situations with people exploiting me to gain a higher ground. 

I was very nervous going into my first session because I was aware that Kerry used hypnotherapy methods which I had never experienced before. My fear stemmed from a lack of knowledge around this method and I knew I had several past-memories repressed in my sub-conscious. 

I didn’t know what was going to present itself during our sessions together or how I’d react to them. Fortunately, Kerry made me feel very calm and relaxed throughout. 

Although she was the other side of a screen to me on Skype, Kerry was so very nurturing and made me feel as though I was in a safe place with her guidance.

Just from session one, I started to notice my thought patterns. I looked at situations differently, I no longer wanted to be involved in other people’s business and I felt comfortable with the feelings I felt towards my Mother.  Also,  negative self-talk  and doubt about myself was reduced and I found it easier to listen to my intuition and heart.

My friends have seen the changes in me and are very proud of me and how I stand in the light of each situation with a positive outlook. They’ve stated that I’ve become stronger at dealing with setbacks, I have matured immensely and I bounce back quicker from negative situations. I also seem more confident and they can see an increased level of trust in myself.

The biggest change I’ve noticed in myself is how I now assess situations and communicate with others. I am still quite sensitive but I notice how I tend to pull back from sticky situations. If I don’t agree with something, I now speak up for myself which I didn’t think was worth doing before my program with Kerry. 

I’m only practicing on loved ones, friends and work colleagues right now but I plan to keep practicing to build my voice muscle for the future! 

Previously, I was worried about having strong boundaries in place as I thought it led to a hardening heart, but Kerry has showed me how to have a big, soft, open heart but with a big boundary fence protecting me. This gives me so much more confidence.

Kerry and I covered a lot in just seven session, such as boundaries, communication skills, anger expression, self-doubt thoughts, overthinking and made up stories. She taught me methods to stay in the present moment and reduce past/future projections in the mind. Kerry helped me in the exact areas I came to her for and so much more.

When initially reaching out to Kerry, I believed we would create goals around acceptance of my narcissistic Mother and dealing with pain /discomfort inflicted by others toxic actions and behaviours towards me. I didn’t expect that Kerry would also help me with my communication skills to let others know, in a kind, non-aggressive way, that I did have boundaries in place and I expected them to be respected.

This has given me lots of hope and reassurance for the future that I am going to be ok in any new environment or sticky situation. 

Knowing that I have secure boundaries in place, I feel confident to speak my truth, step into my power and stand up for myself. I feel ready to now approach my Mother in a positive, secure way.

I would recommend Kerry to those who are on a journey of forgiveness and finding it hard to move forward. Kerry helps to release or transform difficult memories for a calmer, positive life.

Thanks so much for your support Kerry, Gemma Copp



Chrissy: "I had accepted that for the rest of my life, I would have to live with constant anxiety. Now I hardly get anxious any more and have the tools to deal with it if it happens."

Before I started my program with Kerry, I had accepted that for the rest of my life I would just have to live with constant anxiety.

Living with the constant feeling that something “bad” was going to happen and waiting for the next bout of severe anxiety that would knock me out for a week.

Someone at work told me they stopped smoking from hypnotherapy, so I started to do research into hypnosis. A friend recommend Kerry to me so I booked my free Discovery Session and I immediately felt that she understood what I was going through and that she could help me.

I was very nervous about committing to a program as it was a bit of a financial investment up front. However, I came in with the attitude that I had nothing to lose and the knowledge that the real cost to me was the affect the anxiety was having on me every single day of my life.

I knew that some bad things had happened to me in the past, but I didn’t realise how much they really impacted me in the present. I never really thought of them as a “Trauma”. I didn’t realise that when something triggered my anxiety it stems from that traumatic event that had happened in the past.

My family and friends have noticed a big change in me, that I am now a lot more calmer and much less anxious. I quit my job and spent quite a few weeks before finding another one which normally would have sent my anxiety through the roof.

I kept telling Kerry that I was amazed at how calm I was!

We worked on identifying the work I enjoyed and the type of job that I wanted which gave me a lot more scope to explore what I wanted my next job to be.

The biggest and most surprising change for me is that I hardly feel anxious anymore! I also realise if I ever to start feeling anxious, I now know what to do to help myself using the skills Kerry taught me. That gives me so much more confidence in my day to day life.

I also have a lot more confidence in myself, which means I’m putting myself first.  That has allowed me to feel more positive about life and happier with my situation.

From the very first session I had already started to recommend Kerry to my friends, especially those who suffer from anxiety.  The change in my life has been amazing.




Greta: "I was faced with the difficult decision of leaving my husband of 22 years. Now I feel like this emotional weight has been lifted from my shoulders."

I made the investment in the Essentials program to work with Kerry because  I was faced with making the difficult decision of whether I should leave my husband of 22 years. It had reached a point where I could either remain unhappy or commit to making some changes. I wanted to feel guided and supported through the process.  

I needed to know I had done everything possible to save my marriage. I needed support as I was feeling alone, and validation with what I was contributing to the marriage. 

Before I committed to my program, I was nervous, as I was sitting with a lot of fear around having to follow through and make a decision. A part of me just wanted to pull the bedcovers over my head and pretend everything was ok. 

I love how I received so much encouragement and understanding from Kerry. Kerry helped me sift through my thoughts, and was very helpful and clear with  the steps I needed to take. This gave me the motivation to approach my situation feeling supported. 

I have noticed I have become a lot stronger and clearer with what I will accept and what I wont. 

I made a lot of changes, with the guidance of Kerry. I confronted the problems I was facing, and have achieved a lot more clarity. I am making healthier choices with what and how I want my life to look like and who I share it with.

My husband is more committed to making changes and is respecting my boundaries a lot more than what he had previously. 

I am really so grateful to have had Kerry support me during this process. I am taking some time off before Christmas to work on myself and will follow up with Kerry in the new year to look at how I can be more at ease with being on my own, and not needing my partner to make me feel whole. 

Something that I didn't expect was that Kerry opened my eyes to aspects of my husband’s behaviour that were unacceptable. I had this emotional weight lifted off my shoulders, as I now had a clearer picture with what I was going through. I was not putting myself first. I needed to be firmer with how I was being treated, and I needed to take a step back from carrying the emotional weight of issues in the home. 

Anyone  going through a major life transition such as a marriage breakdown, will benefit from the emotional support and guidance that Kerry is so amazing at providing. Kerry is an expert in this field and I highly recommend her to anyone looking for support, clarity and guidance.



Rachel: "I was worried about going back to work in a stressful workplace. Now I am stronger when dealing with confrontation."

The trigger that made me buy your program was that I was very worried about going back to a stressful workplace after a year off. I was not confident about my ability to cope with new challenges and feeling unsure of myself. 

I had heard that you were great at addressing negative core beliefs. I wanted to be a confident person and not create a cycle of anxiety over stressful or challenging situations. 

Before our first session I was nervous to address my issues and talk about how I felt. I was scared to be open and speak the truth about my inner most feelings but at the same time ready to take the plunge. 

After the session, I felt relieved to get my fears off my chest! I felt like we were on the right track and that with your help, I was about to harness some inner strength and feel good about myself again. I felt like you were going to guide me to a path of happiness and better communication with my family, friends and colleagues. I felt truly supported, cared for and valued. 

Since our work together, some of my friends have thanked me for listening to their problems and said I give good advice (I have passed on some advice you gave me.)

The biggest change to my life after working with you Kerry is that I have more patience with my small children.I notice their feelings and don’t over react to their emotional outbursts. I am stronger when dealing with confrontation.

I am able to identify when something is true or just a story my mind has created. I am able to describe how I’m feeling and the effect others behaviour has on me. I am able to speak up for myself without crying. 

A benefit I didn’t expect to get from our work together was I didn’t expect to appreciate myself as I am. I didn’t expect to be as strong as I am. I didn’t realise that many of the feelings I had inside had been there since I was a child.

I am surprised that I have created such profound changes within that have helped me be calm and strong in moments that would have had me in a panic in the past. I trust myself and I am able to offer myself support where in the past, I always sought it externally.  I am able to have respectful and productive debates and disputes with others. 

Thank you Kerry, I really appreciate your guidance and support. Working with you, was a life-changing, loving and supportive experience.



Laura: "I was feeling very unsupported, anxious and alone. Now I don't let anxiety take seed in my head or my body."

My trigger to find you and sign up for your program was having big communication issues with my mother and husband. I was feeling very unsupported, anxious and alone with two small children. I was exhausted, working non-stop and barely sleeping and eating. I was sick constantly and it seemed to me like I had the world on my shoulders.

Our children were soaking up too much of the fighting and negativity and I was becoming more and more angry, I knew it was time to get help for myself.

Before our first session, I was hopeful for some change and getting practical techniques.

By the time I left your office, I felt like some major blocks had been lifted. I saw more clearly and put things into perspective. Now I feel I have more personal power and feel at peace rather than feeling sorry for myself. I feel like I can be creative and take time for myself. My mother seems to be less negative and destructive and our relationship is much nicer. I put things into perspective now.

There have been no comments from my mother or husband that I have changed but their actions speak volumes as both are less hostile with me. A couple of friends have commented that I seem to be happier and more of the ‘old Laura.’

Now, I don’t let anxiety take seed in my head and my body. If I feel annoyed or angry at the words and actions of a loved one I put the onus on me to own my feelings.

The biggest insight I gained was that sometimes the reality you get and the one you wished for don’t always match and that the reality you get can still be a good one.

I use the single mother analogy we discussed with myself a lot when I feel disappointed and it actually gives me a lot of peace. Funnily enough this train of thought isn’t needed much as my husband is making more time for us.

I loved the hypnosis, the overall experience was exactly what I needed.

Working with you Kerry was a powerful, insightful experience and I always felt supported. 

Thank you so much, Laura.



David: "I had felt guilty all my life. Now I can think through any negative thoughts I have."

I had felt guilty about issues in my life which had led me to a sense of martyrdom in my dealings financially and relationship wise.

I met you through a series of circumstances and I was impressed by your knowledge, experience and approach to your profession.

Before our first session, I was nervous but was really looking forward to it as I felt instinctively that you would help me.

After working with you Kerry, I realised that a lot of my thoughts were internalised by life events but I also realised that for every negative there was also a positive outcome that shaped me as a person.

My life has changed a lot now as I have moved inland and am in a new relationship with lots of new friends. My daughter and ex wife think I am way less agitated and "go go go" since working with you.

I now understand myself and my feelings so much better now and I can think through any negative thoughts I have. 

The experience of working with you was relaxed, nurturing and enlightening.

Thanks Kerry. David.



Renee: "I was feeling incredibly stuck. Now, I feel a lot more grounded and sure of myself."

When I started working in my program with you Kerry, I was feeling incredibly stuck. I had grand ideas of where I wanted to head, but feeling very overwhelmed and not following through on my plans and ideas.

I had been watching your business grow and was always so intrigued by you and your coaching and especially the hypnotherapy aspect. I loved your calm and gentle nature in the initial consult. I felt so heard, and it was lovely!

Before our first session I felt quite nervous. A little concerned as to the financial investment I had just made, but also excited at the potential and possibility that would come from working with you.

After our first session I felt a lot more grounded and sure of myself. I was starting to realise that the power and everything I wanted was in me! 

Since our work together, people have definitely been commenting on the progress I am making in my business plans which is a combo of working with you and a few other things. 

Now I am more gentle with myself. Less stressed. Trying to remember to stay in my own business, and making an effort to make small steps every day to stepping into my own power.

 I really loved working with you Kerry and it becomes more obvious when looking back just how much progress I have made in the time since we started our sessions together. Your calm and gentle nature was just what I needed to bring my thoughts back and to propel me into action. Thank you so very much! Renee.


Jessica: "I was overwhelmed with life and my anxiety was creeping up. Now I am exited about the future."

Before I decided to invest in myself and work with you Kerry I was overwhelmed with life! My anxiety was creeping up and I felt like I was about 5 years old again.

I couldn’t get any traction on anything; I was overwhelmed and knew I needed some guidance to get me back on track.

After I contacted you for my Discovery Session, I felt optimistic. I was really pleased that I reached out.

I felt comfortable with you. You have such a calming presence that I knew I had made the right decision from our first session. You were always calming, genuine and honest.

After working with you I’m much more confident. I understand how I got to that place of overwhelm and I am careful with what I take on so I don’t go back to that place. I’m not scared any more to say “no” when I need to.

My husband can see a big change in me. I am back in the saddle and excited about the future now that I’ve made clear boundaries and am not afraid to put myself first when I need to.

The sessions were perfect for me. I felt that all of my concerns were covered and I feel content with where I am at in life. I like how the sessions were tailored for me as needed. Your being able to be flexible is definitely great.

One thing that I didn’t expect was the amazing transformation that takes place in yourself and others when you set boundaries.

Thank you for all your help and dedication! It has been a pleasure working with you and knowing you are just an email away when I need to book another session with you is a comforting thought.



 Shae Baxter

Shae: 'I was feeling uncertain, discouraged and lacking in confidence but by the end, I knew that my feelings were normal."

Before my session with you Kerry, I had just been manipulated by a former Landmark snake oil who made me question everything.

I was feeling very rattled, very low in confidence and really questioning if I had a business.

I knew that you were the real deal amongst the fake posers of health and wellness coaches out there.

With your life experience, smart insights and excellent qualifications, I knew you were someone who had the ability to understand my pain points.

Before our session, I was feeling uncertain, discouraged and lacking in confidence but by the end, I knew that my feelings were normal.

I understood that I had reacted exactly like any normal person would have in that situation and you never judged me. I was angry with him, but I felt calm after our session.

I feel more confident now and I know that it was only one person’s opinion and that it really doesn’t matter. That is now my compass.

“Mind reader” is not the right words, but you seemed to understand me and all the issues I’ve had my entire life.

It was enlightening, non-judgmental and in my opinion you are an accurate, intuitive healer.

Thanks Kerry

Shae Baxter


Shalome Doran

Shalome: "I felt overwhelmed, anxious and raw . Now I am much more assertive and comfortable with dealing with any issues that arise."

Before I started my program with you Kerry, I felt overwhelmed, anxious and raw and in desperate need of some boundaries. I really felt like I needed a protective layer to keep me shielded from any negative people and unhealthy relationships in my life.  

As soon as I made the decision to start working with you, I felt excited, ready to take action and raring to go!

From our very first session, I realised 3 key points: That I was only responsible for MY business; That I needed to be aware of when I was acting out a story in my head, rather than staying in the present moment, and that boundaries are SO important for my personal health. 

Your expertise with toxic relationships really helped me reassess all of the relationships in my life that were not thriving.

I had been ignoring these issues, squashing my feelings down, and avoiding having to take any clear steps to address what wasn’t working. I was the Avoidance Queen!

How things have changed! Now, I catch myself whenever I find myself in someone else’s business, or telling myself a story about what I think is going on. I feel much more grounded and centred, and I have stopped doubting my word. 

I am now able to pause, take a breath, and look at a situation objectively instead of avoiding dealing with any perceived conflict, which was my previous default behavior.

I respond with conviction and from the heart without over-analysing how my responses might be perceived or interpreted by everyone else.

Other people in my life have noticed the positive changes. My man commented the other day how he notices that I am much more assertive and comfortable with dealing with any issues that arise.

He was especially impressed that I had taken strong action to realign a negative relationship in my life that had been troubling me for years!

As has always been my experience in working with psychology, I came in to work on one issue, resolved that in the first session, and then was able to unravel all number of other things that were bubbling away under the surface that I didn’t realize were affecting me.

I loved everything about my work with you Kerry, especially the hypnotherapy sessions that left me feeling all floaty and safe and sparkly. 

Every session involved gentle, radical shifts and I always finished our sessions feeling so much stronger, clearer and more authentic.

You are a total Self-Love Rockstar! I am so glad that I made the decision to work with you Kerry. Shalome Doran



Rebecca: "I was dealing with anxiety and binge eating. Now I incorporate mindful eating into every day ."

When I first contacted you Kerry, I had just been married and my Grandfather had recently died. I was planning my European honeymoon as well as dealing with Endometriosis and newly diagnosed anxiety which resulted in binge eating. 

I was worried that my body and eating anxiety would spoil my honeymoon and scared of gaining lots of weight. 

I was feeling out of control with my eating and emotional much of the time, not to mention feeling very fatigued.

I was also struggling with my relationship with my mother and having some criticism from friends. I was concerned about the effects of Endometriosis on my fertility. 

I also felt I needed to work on my interaction and relationships with family and friends. I knew that you were the right person to help me so I didn't hesitate to invest in your Essentials program.

Before our first session, I was really looking forward to it, and glad to finally be addressing these issues before my honeymoon.

After our session, I felt so much more compassionate towards myself and others. I felt some of my body image and food anxiety had lifted significantly and I was able to go on my honeymoon feeling relaxed and really enjoyed it.

I have incorporated more mindful eating into my day. I am still building on this and often fail at it, but things are improving. I no longer cut out foods I enjoy.

I am trying to focus on what is my business and avoid worrying about what others think, though this is a work in progress.

In conversation with some friends when they have asked how I was, they told me that they could see I was calmer and in a better place. 

You were always compassionate, reassuring and genuine. It has become apparent to me how addressing certain aspects of my life has improved others without me really needing to focus on them. 

I felt the experience overall was very positive and addressed all of the concerns I had at the time. 

Thanks so much Kerry. Rebecca.



Angela Raspass

 Angela: "I felt dissatisfied and angry with my body. Now I understand that body acceptance is the key".

Before working with you Kerry, I was feeling VERY unloving towards my body. 

I felt dissatisfied and angry with my body - I wanted a different one!

From our very first session in my program, I felt a combination of anticipation and trust about working with you. 

I was confident that I was in the hands of an expert who led with empathy. I felt a sense of relief that what I was thinking, feeling and experiencing was not unique, that I was not alone and that there was a path forward that I would be guided along.

Working with you, I always felt seen, heard and held. Especially when it got really scary and confronting. 

I was not expecting the depth of the emotions that I felt which came up and out and that I could actually push through some of this really confrontational stuff. 

The honesty and insights that rose up were quite amazing and they would not have surfaced to be seen and healed without your expert care. Growth can be hard!

My friends have commented that I seem more confident, that something has shifted in me. One of the benefits from our work that I didn't expect was how much having positive body regard really spills over into all other areas of your life.

Not really surprising since our bodies are our vehicles in life but I did not expect the impact it has had. 

The biggest change for me since working with you was really understanding that body acceptance is definitely the key - garnished with a big dose of good old self-love. 

I noticed a quietening of my inner critic and a far healthier tone of self-talk when it comes to my body. I feel far more comfortable with who I am looking in the mirror.

Since my work with you, I have enthusiastically told many people about your work.

It is very easy to wholeheartedly refer friends and colleagues to someone that you know is so supportive, caring and knowledgable. Angela Raspass. 


Megan Koufos

Megan: "I was skeptical that I could shift years of body shame. Now I feel so much kinder to my body."

To be honest, before I started working with you Kerry, I was skeptical.

I thought "how on earth are we going to be able to shift years and years of body shame that I have had as long as I can remember?"

I had an event to go to that I was really anxious about before our session. Wondering what I was going to wear, how I was going to walk into the room confidently. 

I was also scheduled to have a professional photo shoot for my family and business which I was considering cancelling. 

However after the very first session of my program with you, I became excited about the photo shoot and I loved every minute of it. 

Not once did the old thoughts about my body or how I looked come into my mind. I was relaxed with my family and had such a fun morning and my photographer said the photo's turned out amazing. 

One benefit that I didn't expect to get from our session was being able to get really clear on my new life story and take the steps towards starting to manifest it. 

I loved that you are gentle yet firm and so intuitive. Working with you, I felt so supported, loved and nurtured.

I now feel so much kinder to my body and treat her so much better. If those old critical thoughts pop back into my mind, I know that I have the strategies and support to change them for good and I love that. 

For anyone who is struggling with body and self-esteem, come with an open heart and an open mind and believe that anything is possible if you are willing to try. 

I have load of love and gratitude for you and your beautiful work. Megan Koufos. 

Renee Longworth

Renee: "My feelings of body shame had always been there. Now I am not as hard on myself and catch my negative thinking."

Before I began my program with you Kerry I was definitely skeptical that I could lose my body shame. I guess because my feelings of body shame have always been there in different degrees throughout different stages of my life. 

With our current society and how it pumps through images of "perfect women", there is a real social stigma attached to what the female body 'should' look and feel like, so when it comes to trying to release our own, by ourselves, this influence makes it quite a hard task. 

I love working energetically to solve my negative patterns and I loved how your were always open to working outside of the box. 

One of the things I didn't expect to get from our sessions was the knowledge that my mental chatter was actually a form of self-bullying. That was a major "ah-ha" moment for me as bullying should never be tolerated!

What changed most for me after working with you is that I am not as hard on myself now. I used to catch myself negatively thinking about how my body has changed and how I don't like it.

While consciously knowing that this was unhealthy, my mental chatter would come up and reel off negative statements. Now though those patterns have calmed down and are not so loud.

I consciously catch myself and stop it. I am now opening up to and accepting all of the many changes my body makes and will take on throughout my life.

You are a true professional who specialises in this field. There is a real sense that you have a very strong background and passion for empowering people to release their negative perceptions of themselves.

I recommend working with you Kerry because I feel that it is really important for people to release their feelings of shame. 

Having a positive perception of themselves inside and out is healthy and has so many positive benefits. Renee Longworth. 

Phoebe Hook

Pheobe: "Before I felt stuck and confused. I now feel prepared to have the difficult conversations."

Before investing in myself with you Kerry I felt stuck and confused. I had so much going on with my business and my life and I needed help to focus on what really mattered and to get rid of the blocks that were keeping me stuck. 

What drew me into your work was that you include hypnotherapy in your programs. I knew that this was the help I needed to dissolve the blocks in my subconscious mind and to take that final leap of putting myself 'out there'.

It felt nervous and exciting but I was SO ready for that change in my life, to be who I was born to be without the fear of shame or judgement. 

You gave me such a powerful vision to connect to when I started to feel 'less than' and I continue to anchor myself back to this vision when I feel myself slipping and by doing so, in just a few minutes of awareness I am moving forward again without anxiety.

Since our work together I communicate much more clearly and express how I feel more openly and confidently. 

With the skills and insights you gave me, I feel prepared to have the difficult conversations now that I know what needs to be said and how to say it.

I tend to act more and get things done and procrastinate less.

I am more gentle with my heart and the hearts of others and I live from a place of love, rather than just sideline analysing situations and relationships. 

One of the things I didn't expect to get from my sessions is that my relationships with my most loved ones has improved dramatically.

That was not the reason why I chose to work with you Kerry, but it's been a blessing and a very welcome bonus and I believe, a reflection of loving myself more from the work we have done together. 

I'm a mother of three young children, so flexibility and understanding time limitations is incredibly important to me and you understood both completely and were able to meet me half-way.

We all thank you Kerry. My sessions with you were eye-opening, reassuring and oh so supportive.

I wish everyone gets the chance to work with you. Phoebe Hook.


Melissa Zammit

Melissa: "I was unhappy about my body. Now I have so much respect for my body and so many blocks are gone."

Before we began working together in my program, I was feeling unhappy about my body. I had put on weight and it was starting to impact on my self-esteem.

As well as this, I have some very difficult relationships with close family members that I felt powerless to change.

I knew that working with and being supported by a trained professional was going to be the best way for me to move through my issues and I had heard great things about how caring, supportive and professional you are.

Although I was excited to start, I was concerned that the investment that I had made was not going to be worth it. I had not made that level of financial investment into my own self-care and I really wanted to get results. 

However after our very first session, I knew that you were the perfect person to help support me to move through my issues and my concerns were laid to rest!

I had so many "light-bulb moments" with you Kerry. You were able to accurately tap into issues that were causing me a lot of pain that I had not even been aware of or fully understood how much they had been affecting me and my life.

Until my work with you, I had no idea how my difficult, close family relationships had been impacting on my self-esteem and the way that I took care of myself and how I was putting others needs before my own. 

Since working with you, my husband has noticed big changes in the way that I am taking care of myself. He is so happy that I am making myself a priority and I am able to look at my relationships in a whole new light, including my relationship with food.

I have been able to completely give up my daily chocolate habit and I have total acceptance of who I am and I have a new found respect for myself and my body and so many of my blocks are gone.

I can honestly say that I wouldn't have changed a single thing about working with you Kerry. 

Each session was amazing and I came away from every one feeling lighter and clearer about myself and how I could move forward in my life. 

I highly recommend working with you and I would have absolutely no hesitation working with you again if I ever found myself in a similar situation. 

My work with you has been amazing and life changing. Melissa Zammit.


Maria Davis

Maria: "Kerry helped me shift some blockages which I had been dealing with on my own and floundering."

I had the pleasure of having a session with you Kerry and had a profoundly transformative experience. 

You helped me shift some blockages which I had been dealing with on my own and floundering. 

It was lovely to be offered clarity and move away from overwhelm and hopelessness.

You provided understanding, compassion and direction.

If you are stuck and wanting to shift, I would highly recommend seeing Kerry. Maria Davis.

Erin: "I was feeling miserable and heart broken. Now I am becoming a pro at supporting myself."

Before commencing my program with you Kerry, I was feeling pretty miserable. My heart was broken, I blamed myself and I was feeling anger, shame and disgust in myself as a result. I was dissatisfied with who I was and with my life experiences.

I had some mental block and would fall into old habits of negative thinking whenever I tried to change my thought patterns.

At a particularly low point of my life when I was living overseas away from my family and had been dumped by the only man I'd ever loved, I decided that I needed the help of an expert to make a change so I contacted you.

I had read "You Can Heal Your Life" by Louise Hay several years earlier and it had really resonated with me and I knew that you were trained in Louise's work.

When I first began working with you, I felt uncertain of what to expect, but also hopeful that this was the beginning of a positive change in my life. 

I was hoping to just change my patterns of thinking to create positive experiences in the future, but I was actually able to shift blockages from my childhood that I wasn't even aware were affecting me so deeply which was a benefit of our sessions that I didn't expect.

Learning the concept of "my business" and "other peoples business" from you was a huge paradigm shift for me. 

I'd heard it said before but something in the way that you articulated it helped me realise just how vital it was to place my experiences, thoughts and feelings at the forefront of everything.

I definitely notice now when I fall into old, negative pattens of thinking and I am able to put a stop to it and replace them with a positive thought. 

Previously I didn't even notice when my self-talk was damaging; it was just my default way of thinking and "the norm".

I am now much kinder to myself and am becoming a pro at supporting myself through positive thinking and encouraging self-talk.

I have had several people remark that I seem happier and my relationships with my immediate family members have improved. 

If I could sum up my experience of working with you Kerry in just three words it would be "life changing experience." Thank you,Erin.

Sarah: "I was becoming too terrified to study, now I am accepting my degree."

I am graduating today as many people do each year, but as I sit here at my second internship with another to follow, I feel like I would not be here if it wasn't for you Kerry.

Iwas in my second year of University when I knew that I needed help, serious help. 

I was becoming too terrified to study and the thought of even remembering that time brings me to the point of tears. 

Specifically, it was chemistry that was scaring me so much to the point that I would completely shut down and not study any of my other subjects just to feel like I could cope with the stress.

A few sessions with you brought me out of this frame of mind and into a new air of confidence!

I turned around my negative thoughts into positive affirmations that I still tell myself to this day and when I look in the mirror, I can't help but smile!

I would not have been able to do this on my own and I am forever grateful for the love and compassion you have shown me.

I cannot recommend you enough for your work. You have literally turned my life around for the better and I have so much to look forward to in life because of you.

I will be smiling and thinking of you Kerry as I accepting my degree today. Thanks again. Sarah. 


Martina: "I was eating out of control to comfort myself. Now I am back to normal eating and have lost 30 kilos."

Having hypnotherapy with you Kerry is the best thing I have ever done in my life.

I don't worry about what I eat anymore and have no more issues with food.

Previously, I was eating out of control to comfort myself and my issues but since working with you, my life has changed dramatically!

The hypnosis and cognitive behavioural therapy has changed my previous "bulimia" mental state and has given me a new lease on life.

I am again back to normal eating after so many years of emotional trauma and after losing thirty kilos so far, I feel fantastic!

I really don't recognise myself now, I feel unreal! Honestly, I can't thank you enough for how you have helped me get to where I am now.

I want to come and see you and give you a big hug.

Once again Kerry, thanks so much for helping me change my life. Martina.



Sue: "I was in pain 24/7. NowI feel like I have my life back."

I went to see you Kerry due to my bad back. I had been in pain 24/7 for the last 6 weeks and it was expected by medical experts that the pain would continue for another 6 weeks.

I had been told before that hypnosis was often helpful in pain management and decided to give it a try and I'm so excited that I did!

Since my hypnotherapy session, I have not needed to take any pain medication, not even panadol!

Previously I had been taking strong codeine based mediations around the clock. While my back is not yet fixed and I still need to be careful for a few more weeks, the small amount of pain I have now is inconsequential.

To say "thank you" is nowhere near enough to express my gratitude to you Kerry for being pain free and I feel that I have my life back.

My family are so incredibly grateful too. I would highly recommend you to anyone who will listen. Sue Simpson.