I have had a love of Tarot since I was 18 years old and I have always worked intuitively. 

My trusty old Waite-Rider deck has been giving me insights into my own soul's path and the wisdom they have given me from my own subconscious mind has helped both guide me and validate my intuition over the years.

By telling me what was going on within, what challenges I needed to meet or what I wasn't seeing, my cards helped keep me growing and learning.

Tarot engages your intuition and taps into your subconscious mind. A reading can clarify and bring to light issues that have been hidden from your conscious awareness or that you were not yet ready to deal with.

A Tarot deck is 78 cards representing "The Fools Journey" or the path to wholeness, showing the possibilities available on your path right now.

Used well, they facilitate self-reflection, deepen insight and tap into your own inner wisdom and knowledge.

What is a Soul's Journey Session?

Your Soul's Journey Session includes a reading using a mix of Tarot and your choice of Oracle cards and Past Life hypnotherapy.

The reading can shed light on where you are on your path now, what has helped shape you, what challenges you may be facing and what you need to overcome them.

Adding in Past Life hypnotherapy enables any unresolved issues from other lives to be brought to conscious awareness and dealt with, as well as discovering old patterns, life lessons and purpose. 

Your Soul's journey session can give you insight into your current situation, explain where you feel stuck and help you find clarity and direction for the next steps forward on your path.

A Soul's Journey Session is not fortune telling.

It has nothing to do with predicting the future or telling you when certain events will happen.

All the information comes from you.

From your subconscious mind, from your inner wisdom and intuition. It taps into your inner knowing and gives it shape using the cards as tools of awareness.

If you have ever wondered why you keep repeating the same patterns, if you have ever felt that something unknown was holding you back or keeping you stuck, if you have ever want to delve deeper into your path and purpose, this is for you!

Each Session is for 90 minutes and Soul's Journey Sessions are only available in person at my office in Dandenong.

Are you ready to discover your path?

Call me on 0403 274 297 and book your session today. As these sessions are a big investment in time, only a limited number of spaces are available per week.

Session cost is $250.00

What is past life hypnosis like?

Everyone is different so each person has a unique experience. Some can see past life experiences clearly, some feel them as a sense of 'knowing', being able to describe the experience without actually seeing it. 

Some will see patterns of past behaviour and how to change them, others will receive information from their guides or higher selves. You can recognise people who are currently in your life now in past lives and understand the relationships from a new perspective.

Others will gain insight into the roles that they have played in the past and how they are manifesting those experiences now.

It is safe, relaxing and like all forms of hypnotherapy, you are always in control of the experience.

I absolutely loved my reading and past life hypnosis with Kerry.

She was so professional, gentle and inspiring in the way she read the cards and helped me relate it to real life events and needs I had.

Her accuracy was incredible, and the experience helped to really confirm for me some big life and business decisions I've needed to make.

The past life hypnosis was also so revealing and enjoyable too and has given me a really beautiful and firm sense of who I am and where I have come from.

I highly recommend this as a divine and soulful experience with Kerry.

Julie Parker, CEO & Founder, Beautiful You Coaching Academy