You know that feeling of anxiety that churns in your stomach when you think about a possible confrontation?

The ache in your throat, that feeling of being so emotional that you just can't speak because you will cry instead?

The feeling of frustration at having the same old arguments over and over again without anything changing at all?

That feeling of hopelessness that no matter what you say or how you say it, your partner just never really seems to hear you and understand or validate your feelings?

There is a solution.

And it's simple, effective and easy to learn and it WILL change your relationships for the better.

The Calm, Clear & Open Workshop at Qi, 743 Glenhuntly Road, Caulfield South.
3 Simple Steps to Stop Arguing & Start Communicating with Your Partner.

Part 1: Saturday October 11th:10 am till 12.45 pm
Part 2: Saturday October 18th:10 am till 12.45 pm

"Every time I tried to raise an issue with my partner, either he didn't want to listen or accused me of 'nagging'. I was constantly swinging between resentful silence and frustration or another pointless argument.

The difference between how I spoke to him then and how we communicate now is amazing and so much easier. It has changed our relationship in so many ways for the better."

Here's what you will learn and know how to use to communicate Calmly, Clearly and Openly:

  • What your Stories are and why they are SO important and so potentially damaging to your relationships and you.

  • Be able to clearly identify what the real issues are, who they are really important to and what needs to happen to resolve them.

  • Learn and practice how to communicate and negotiate and stay in control of yourself and your emotions.

"Everything was explained clearly with examples all along the way that I could easily understand. Kerry speaks plainly and simply and I never once felt judged or blamed. Because of Kerry's practical, warm approach, I listened to everything that was said and understood the differences that using her methods would make.  I would highly recommend anyone who has felt the frustration of "he just never listens to me" to do Kerry's Calm, Clear and Open Workshop."

 Your workshop investment? Only $97.00 to change your relationship. Are you ready to stop arguing and start really communicating with your partner?

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"The most amazing part of the workshop for me was actually realizing how much time I spent stuck in my own stories and reacting to them, instead of to what was actually happening.

That really was a massive game changer for me. Now I am so much calmer and clearer and so many of the old arguments we used to have and all that "stuff" has just fallen away. It's been so much easier than I ever thought it could be."